Urban  Dweller

The Second City. The Windy City. City of Broad Shoulders. Whatever you prefer to call it, I call Chicago home. I love the city, its people, and my neighborhood, Lakeview.

Social Media Strategist

I geek out over social media. I love the ability it has to connect others and spread ideas that matter. I am passionate to help organizations and individuals that have a story worth sharing reach more people using social media.

Coffee Elitist

T.S. Elliot said, “I have measured out my life with coffee spoons.” I couldn’t agree more. I love coffee [Intelligentsia to be exact] and spend most days working from neighborhood coffeeshops.


I’ll Help You Get Social (Media) …

Let’s face it: most people don’t know what do with social media. Whether for themselves or their organizations, knowing where to start or how to get people talking about your product or service can be a real challenge. That’s where I can help. I’ve had significant experience helping people get measurable results from their investment in social media. There’s no magic formulas here, only a proven track record of hard work.

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Some Recent Highlights of My Work Include…

Recently recognized by Crain’s Business as one of the Social Media Standouts in Chicago for the work done with one of my clients.

Partnering with a publisher to lead social media efforts that helped a first-time author make the New York Times best-sellers list the week their book released.

Working alongside an internationally-known recording artist, helping them use social media to reach #18 on Billboard and #1 on iTunes in over 10 different countries.

Strategizing with a conference organizer to see 15.4 million impressions of content on Twitter during a 2-day conference.

Launching social media platforms for a web-based startup company that added over 1,000 new users in under 30 days.

Coaching social media directors at some of the largest and most influential churches in the world.

Named one of Chicago’s Social Media Standouts By

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Going on The Grid

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It’s been said that we’ll have about five to seven careers in our lifetime, which seemed crazy to me when I first heard it. However, in my 31 years to...
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#FTW :: The Conference Call in Real Life Video

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In my groggy early morning scan of my social media feeds [code for: still in bed, half awake and squinting at my iPhone screen because the sun was hurting my...

Year in Review

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Dang. It’s already New Year’s Eve? 2013 has been a remarkable year and I’m going to attempt to try and condense it into a few paragraphs worthy of a blog...

When Social Media Unites

Tim Schraeder | None | No Comments
When tragedies strike, social media can unite people to do good. I learned that firsthand yesterday.

Practical Insights To Help Churches Communicate Better

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"Self-taught in social media, Tim's professional skills and savvy are of such high caliber that he could teach the field in academia. He is an online personality that people seek out and trust, he is enormously personable offline and gracious face-to- face. A master of current media forms, he is excited and energized by what the future will bring and the unlearning it will require."

− Leonard Sweet | best-selling author and Professor at Drew University

"The ingredients that define Tim as a cream of the crop communications professional include an ego-less hard work ethic, honesty, authenticity, strategy, intellect, relational insight, collaboration and continuous curiosity. I look forward to every opportunity to working with Tim."

− Kem Meyer | Granger Community Church

"Tim blends professional excellence with interpersonal aptitude in ways that are rare but much needed and appreciated. He also is able to blend traditional and cutting edge approaches to communications that seems to strike the right balance of innovation and practical."

− Michael Gogis | CFO, Willow Creek Association

"Tim has the answer for any individual or business that needs help with social media. Not only does he do great work, but he knows his customers well and helps them care for their customers and followers. He gets shit done and is the best I know. I couldn't recommend him more for your social media efforts."

− Sarah Hatter | Founder & CEO, CoSupport

"Tim Schraeder is an ideation and execution machine. Very rarely do you work with people that are just as good at executing as they are at ideating. If you need social media or marketing communication strategy, he's your guy. He's been revolutionary for me and our publishing team at Thomas Nelson."

− Chad Cannon | VP of Marketing, Thomas Nelson

"Our company had successfully been using social media for a number of years, but when Tim began working with us we started to see many of the opportunities we were missing to reach new customers. He's helped us grow our social media and deepen the relationship we have with our existing followers."

− Dan McDonough | Planned Property Management