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Jo Saxton | Leadership Coach and Consultant
As the college pastor at St. Thomas Church, Sheffield, Jo planted missional congregations amongst college students and young adults. Now as Director of Pioneer Communities with 3dministries, Jo works alongside church leadership teams seeking to build missional churches in today’s culture. She’s married to Chris, a Lutheran pastor and they have two amazing daughters, Tia and Zoe. They lead a church in inner city Phoenix. Jo’s also an author – Real God, Real Life, is scheduled to release April 2010.

  • We realized the way we were doing church wasn’t working anymore.
  • We were signing the songs, doing the motions, but weren’t making an impact.
  • Nehemiah was provoked when he heard the story of what happened to Jerusalem.
  • Paul was provoked by the artifacts of the culture.
  • We need to get provoked.

The Cultural Earthquake

  • Our culture has been shaken to it’s very core, a cultural earthquake.
  • Economy, Terrorism, Disasters etc.
  • Some  tremors are apparent, others aren’t.
  • We know the aftershocks personally because we see the things we once saw as being solid fall apart.
  • We could be offended, pull away, or set up Christian alternatives.
  • We’re afraid we’ll become victims.
  • We could be provoked to engage.
  • We could choose to be the rescue team.
  • It’s more than good intentions, or giving money to a cause.
  • When we look at the Church, we have to ask ourselves the same questions…  are we doing things that are well-meaning but not affecting change or connecting with where people are really at?

How do we engage with cultural earthquake?

1 -Compassion

  • In a natural disaster, you think of survival.
  • You do things you would never do before in natural disasters.
  • You want to survive.
  • We are disorientated and are doing what it takes to survive.
  • We choose not to commit… to marriage, relationships, the church, one another.
  • What’s our response? Do we judge or have compassion?
  • What is the limit of our compassion?
  • We can build a ghetto or we can step into our calling to be the Rescue Team.
  • In a world that is shaken, is there room for compassion?

2 – We need COMMUNITY.

  • Would you be attracted to a concrete building in an earthquake?
  • When earthquakes happen, governments ask for tents.
  • Are we attracted to something that might crumble?
  • It doesn’t matter what we spend on buildings and programs because those doesn’t seem safe.
  • We need to leave our buildings and go be the tents.
  • Build community around people.
  • We need to be a household of people with a purpose.
  • We need missional communities
  • We’re here to affect change.
  • The Rescue Team is there to rebuild society in the way that society needs.
  • We’re hardwired for community.
  • We are designed for more.
  • Who is your community?
  • What does it look like?
  • You’ve got a tent ready for the people around you.


  • We need a new metanarrative.
  • When people are drawn into communities, people need to talk.
  • People need to make sense of what they’ve heard in the rubble.
  • When your big story is torn up, what do you have left?
  • People need a connecting story that’s not identified by loss but by redemption.
  • You connect them to a greater story, a redemptive story that reaches into their world, into the rubble.
  • Are you just giving people information?

4  – People need a COMPASS

  • When the world is devastated, all the maps are out of date because the landscape is different.
  • The maps we received aren’t accurate anymore.
  • Jesus is the compass for the inner city… Jesus is the compass for the rich and the poor.
  • We need to show them the compass.
  • His last words to us were about making disciples.
  • We have to make them. It’s not attractive.
  • Would I make time to find someone in the rubble today?
  • Would you listen? Do you have time to listen and tissues for the tears.
  • Would you build community around people? You need to show people a family, community.
  • Would you connect your story to their story? Not of loss but of redemption.
  • It takes time to rebuild love, trust, and confidence. Have we got the kind of tents that make room for that.
  • People don’t need a program they need a life.
  • Programs aren’t bad, but the maps are changing.
  • Would you show me how to live? Discipleship.
  • Would you give me the compass? We’re not the answer.
  • I was rescued, now I’m rescuing.
  • We need to get more concerned with sending teams out than gathering people in.
  • The way we gather people in is by sending people out.
  • What we’ve been doing is not working if we’re honest.
  • Can we live with that?
  • Can we live with hearing the cries of our culture and not experimenting with anything to see if it works
  • Are we leaving 60% of Americans under the rubble by the way we “do church?”
  • Do we see and feel the earthquake?

Compassion, Community, Connecting Story, Compass.

  • We don’t need to be afraid, we need to be the rescue team.

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