My Awkward Interview with Seth Godin

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One of the consistent themes of the Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit last week was humility. Since it’s the Monday after, I want to put some of what I learned into action. So here’s a step in me humbling myself: my awkward interview with Seth Godin.

A little backstory: Seth Godin is one of my heroes. If you don’t know him, he’s a daily blogger and one of the leading minds in the world of marketing. I tell people I read two things every day: my Bible and Seth Godin’s blog. His thoughts and ideas have deeply influenced me and in December of 2008 I had the opportunity to spend a day with Seth at his office outside of New York City. I was one of 25 finalists for his Alternative MBA Program and flew to NYC to meet with him and the other finalists. I didn’t make the final cut but that experience, without a doubt, was one of the most affirming experiences I’ve ever had. And, it’s been amazing to see what some of the people I met that day have gone on to do… people like Al Pittamapalli, Jon Dale, and Clay Hebert to name a few. You can read more that experience here.

So, fast forward a couple of years, I’m backstage helping with blogging for the Willow Creek Leadership Summit last week [which was crazy in and of itself] and all of the sudden am told that in about 2 minutes I’m going to be interviewing Seth on video. Mind you, I was totally in the zone for note-taking and now I’ve got under 120 seconds to prepare my mind for the fact I’m getting an incredible opportunity to interview one of my heroes. The WCA staff was awesome and gave me some ideas of questions to ask, but to be honest I was totally nervous and unprepared to interview him in a room full of production staff, lights, and cameras.

Well… I think I choked, but I did ask Seth a question I thought was important… what would you tell people/churches who think they are innovative and have already “arrived”?

Despite the awkwardness of my nervousness, I think Seth had some great things to say which is why I wanted to share this video.

If it it’s worth doing, what are you waiting for?


About Tim Schraeder

Tim Schraeder is obsessed with all things social media. Having worked with some of the world’s largest churches and para-church organizations, he served as an evangelist for social media with a knack for connecting people and spreading ideas that matter. He’s been a consultant and coach as well as a sought-after speaker and author who helped write the book on communication and social media for the church. Today, Tim is passionate to help businesses and organizations connect, engage, and build loyal followers across all forms of social media. He is a die-hard Chicagoan who can be found in any neighborhood coffeeshop that has free wifi.

  • Kem Meyer

    I love your honesty, transparency and humility. The more YOU are YOU the more God increases your scope. So proud. Front row fan. You lead and leverage well. I’m learning from you…   

    • Tim Schraeder

      thanks Kem. and thank you for how you helped pave the way for me. appreciate you and your friendship!

    • Tim Schraeder

      thanks Kem. and thank you for how you helped pave the way for me. appreciate you and your friendship!

  • Kem Meyer

    P.S. It was a good hair day for you. 

    • Tim Schraeder

      that was one positive thing, yes! 😉

    • Tim Schraeder

      that was one positive thing, yes! 😉

    • Rob Thomas

      I agree, Kim!

  • Andrew Mercer

    Awkward or not this is AWESOME! Congrats on interviewing one of your heroes Tim!

  • Andrew Mercer

    Awkward or not this is AWESOME!  Congrats on interviewing one of your heroes Tim!  

    • Tim Schraeder

      thanks Andrew!

  • Suzi Iverson

    Awesome Tim, I was at the summit.  This interview added more depth.  Thanks.

    • Tim Schraeder


  • Ben Wong

    Great insight…dancing on the edges of the box. Thanks Tim

  • Paul Steinbrueck

    I think you did fine, Tim. Thanks for putting yourself out there and interviewing Seth.

    • Tim Schraeder

      thanks Paul! and thanks for sharing the link!

  • Eric Olsen

    wow. last 10 seconds is amazing. so glad you followed up. what an opportunity!

    • Tim Schraeder

      definitely agree… those last 10 seconds were worth the price of admission.

  • BombBomb

    Nice Job Tim!

    BombBomb’s core value #5 Be Humble

    • Tim Schraeder

      love it. and excited to be partnering with you guys!

  • Sheri Bell

    You were great, Tim. You didn’t seem nervous — you seemed gleeful. Your respect for Seth (which I share) was what came through. 😉 

    By the way, I’ve passed your fabulous summit notes around via email. I can’t believe how many bullet points you came up with. I missed a bunch of what you caught! So thanks for sharing!!!

    • Tim Schraeder

      thank you so much Sheri. i appreciate your kind words. and glad my notes were helpful… it’s a labor of love.

  • Adam Hann

    He had some great points! Also, great job for a 2 minute heads up Tim! 

    • Tim Schraeder

      haha! thanks man.

  • nathandavis

    You did well. I would have been nervous… :) 

    • Tim Schraeder

      thanks Nathan! i was nervously giddy. haha.

  • Jim Martin

    Tim, I didn’t think your interview was awkward at all.  In fact, it was very good.  Thanks for posting this.

  • Julianpaultaylor

    Not awkward at all Tim. Well done!! 

  • Andrew Marin

    My favorite part is when, at 1:49, you whisper “exactly” under your breath and kind of look at the camera! So funny. You da man Tim! Love you so much. This interview was freaking awesome.

  • MichaelDPerkins

    His closing line was awesome.  If it matters then what are we waiting for?

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