Water Sunday :: Let’s Offer [Liquid] Hope!

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Something that is a part of our daily lives that nearly all of us take for granted is clean drinking water. [I know I do.] While we have aisles full of different types of bottled water to choose from here in the US, around the world nearly 884 million people do not have access to clean drinking water. That’s a huge problem. In fact, it’s a crisis. But your church could be part of the solution.

My friends at Water Missions International are organizing a movement of local churches called Water Sunday to dedicate one Sunday to the global water crisis. In March, churches around the country will host Water Sundays (World Water Day is March 22) to help connect their churches to this issue and provide ways for them to make an impact in the lives of people in need around the world.

Water Sunday from Water Missions on Vimeo.

Here’s what you should know:

  • Water Missions International will give you everything you need to make this happen at  your church (promo video, lesson materials, graphics, sermon notes).
  • March 2012 is the focus month, but feel free to fit this in wherever it makes sense on your ministry calendar.
  • The global water crisis takes the life of one child every twenty seconds… that should be enough motivation for you to do something.
  • This provides a great opportunity to connect your church community with communities in the developing world.
  • Your church will be able to share the love of Christ in a tangible way and equip a local pastor with a valuable tool to share the gospel!
  • You’ll receive inspiring photos, videos, and stories will come back in a few months showing the direct impact your church made.
  • I can guarantee you can expect God to show up in BIG ways!
  • Check out this article about Water Sunday on The Christian Post.

Visit the Water Sunday Website to learn more and sign up your church NOW!


“People are always questioning about how this system works and asking how they can acquire it. We always tell them about our Great God and there we end up with the chance of preaching to them the gospel. Can you imagine that even non believers come willing to offer us land to plant churches because of this water system. Not one or two, many have come to us! So to us, it is an iron tool for the gospel.” Pastor Charles – Glory Center church – Neddje, Uganda

For What It’s Worth…

There are a number of incredible organizations that are providing clean drinking water to communities around the globe. What makes Water Missions International unique is that in addition to providing safe drinking water, they provide communities access to the Living Water. The mission in Water Missions International is their commitment to equipping local leaders to communicate the Gospel to communities that receive WMI water filtration units. That’s pretty awesome and something I believe is worth supporting.

50 churches | 50 communities | 1 Sunday | 25,000 lives impacted

You do the math. I hope your church will consider being a part of this great effort.


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