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Happy Monday! Here’s some updates, the latest and greatest in the world of church communication, some favorite videos, links, Likes and more!

  • How Luther Went Viral.  The Economist did an awesome article on social media 500 years ago in the time of the Reformation, and shares how Luther went viral. It’s a great read and they also have an audio version [with a cool British accent] if you’d rather listen than read. Check it out. It’s incredible how much of our faith is centered around the idea of sharing and how we truly to come from a viral faith.
  • This weekend I’m headed to Charlotte. I’m excited to hang with friends, help celebrate the opening of a new church facility with the Church Solutions Group team at Lake Forest Church [and I’ll be blogging at their conference!], and am looking forward to connecting with Ben Arment and some of the Dream Year Charlotte folks. If you’re in the area, drop me a line, I would love to connect!
  • Speaking of Charlotte,  I wasn’t able to tune in every night for the Code Orange Revival but what I was able to catch was incredible. Pastor Steven   and the team at Elevation Church hosted 12 nights of worship and teaching that streamed around the globe. Check this: it was viewed over 350,000 times in 138 countries on six continents by over 130,000 people. Over 35,000 tweets were sent with the hashtag #CodeOrangeRevival, generating over 12 million impressions on Twitter. It trended globally many nights. CRAZY. Check out the highlight video below and check out the Code Orange Revival website to download messages. They will be available beginning tonight.
    Code Orange Revival from Elevation Church on Vimeo.
  • The Elephant Room is coming up on Wednesday and I’ll have your ringside seat following the action. Read more about it here. I’ll be live Tweeting and blogging my notes and will also have a Conference Notebook available late Wednesday evening with a summation of the conversations. Follow #ElephantRoom hashtag on Twitter to stay connected!
  • The Internet went dark on Wednesday last week in protest of SOPA/PIPA. Vince Marotte has a great post today about what last week meant for the Internet and what it means for us going forward. Check it out.
  • In church communications? In or near SoCal? Don’t miss your chance to spend the day with me, Dawn Nicole Baldwin, Drew Goodmanson, Josh Burns, and Curtis Templeton as we talk church communication at the 77 Events Gathering for Communication/Media on March 14 at First Christian Church in Huntington Beach. Details here.
  • How Social Technology Can Transform the Way You Lead is a free webinar featuring Charlene Li being hosted by the folks over at the Willow Creek Association on Wednesday. Charlene has written two great books that have been hugely influential in my understanding of social media: Groundswell and Open Leadership. If you’re a leader that’s kicking the tires and trying to figure out where social media fits into your leadership, definitely check it out.
  • In case you needed help understanding Lady Gaga … A daily video blogger I’ve come to appreciate is a young woman by the name of Daily Grace. While some of her content isn’t all that wholesome, she is a complete riot. In this video she deciphers the lyrics to Lady Gaga’s song “The Edge of Glory.”
  • Are you a fan of Gungor? I am. They give me hope for the future of ‘Christian’ music and have created a new worship experience. I love what they are doing. They are trying to Kickstart a live album/DVD project. I’m definitely going to back this one. You should, too!
  • Isolation is a gift. The Harvard Business Review had a great article on the importance of solitude. Check it out. It’s a timely reminder for all of us about the importance of disconnecting.
  •  You have a talent that none of the rest of us have. Just find out what it is and use it. It’s doing nothing that’s the enemy – words of wisdom from my new favorite TV show, Downtown Abbey.
What’s new in your world? Have a great Monday everybody!

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