Monday Mind Dump

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Washington D.C., Australian adventure countdown, marketing gone wrong, 2 Cellos…and more!

  • I returned from a 5-day trip to Washington D.C. last night. I had the opportunity to hang with Mark Batterson and his team at National Community Church. I’ve followed their journey for years and it was an honor to see what they are doing in our nation’s capitol. While I was there I spoke their executive leadership team and spent two days talking with different staff teams and departements about church communication. It was a blast hanging with them and I can’t wait to see what’s next for NCC.
  • I am 8 days away from my Australian adventure. I cannot believe it!!!!! Any tips from any pros on how to occupy my time on that L O N G flight?
  • This week I’m prepping for FOUR talks I’ll be giving at the Christian Media Australia Conference[Australia’s version of ECHO]. All of them revolve around church communication and social media and I’m excited to share some new material. Prayers appreciated as I prepare!
  • The world tour continues in June at the Create Conference in Canada. In addition to a breakout session, I’ll be hosting a pre-conference Church Marketing Bootcamp. There’s only 10 spots left! Register today
  • Aside from all of that, I’m still in the midst of transition and prayerfully considering the next steps in my journey. I’m thankful for how God has provided and am excited for whatever may be ahead.
  • Marketing gone wrong. So check out this video for a sunglasses company from China.
  • Did any of you see MadMen last night? Thoughts?
  • I have to be honest, I’m in a bit of Downton Abbey withdrawal. But, thanks to Jimmy Fallon, we can enjoy Downtown Sixby, Late Night’s parody of the Downton.
  • Seth Godin, Gary Vaynerchuck, Randi Zuckerberg and a few others are in Chicago tomorrow for The Art of Marketing. Since I’m saving for Australia and am unemployed I, unfortunately, won’t be there [unless anyone wants to sponsor me!]. BUT, my boy Josh Burns will be there tweeting and blogging notes. Be sure to follow him @jburno for gems from some of the best thinkers on marketing. God is amazing in how He provides! I was able to snag a ticket to the event and will be there with Josh Burns sharing the content with you. Stay tuned for updates!
  • Need some good background music? I’ve been LOVING 2 Cellos. 2 dudes with cellos doing classic remixes of some top rock songs. So, so good.
  • What’s the latest in your world??

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