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Yesterday I had the opportunity to attend The Art of Maketing Conference in Chicago. In a word: UNREAL. I actually didn’t think I was going to be able to make it, but thanks to the power of Twitter and the graciousness of @Ilana221 who gave me a ticket she wasn’t going to be able to use, I was able to be there! And now I’ve compiled all of my notes in a handy PDF and also compiled a short list of some of the top quotes from throughout the day.

 If you’re new to my blog, one thing you need to know is that I love to help spread ideas that matter. When I attend conferences I am borderline obsessive about note-taking and love to share the ideas and content that was shared at events with others. A whole roundup of notes I’ve taken at previous conferences and gatherings can be found here.

Click here to download my Conference Notebook from The Art of Marketing.

It includes nearly 40 pages of notes from talks given by Keith Ferrazzi, Avinash Kaushik, Seth Godin, Gary Vaynerchuck, Mitch Joel and Randi Zuckerberg. It’s free, no strings attached. Just promise to share it with others and move these ideas to action!

If a 40-page PDF sounds mind-numbing to you, here’s some of the top quotes from the day. Enjoy!

Keith Ferrazzi

  • Relationships are the number one predictor of your ability to influence.
  • If you want to get someone to like you, find a way to care about them.
  • Your thoughts of other people define the relationship before it even happens.
  • The biggest way to influence someone is to ask them how you can serve them.
  • Intimacy, generosity, candor and accountability are the four pillars of relationship management.
  • Marketing isn’t a broadcast medium; it’s a relationship medium.
  • Never be afraid to ask, the worst anyone can ever say is no.

Avinash Kaushik

  • Never let your marketing campaigns write checks that your digital experience can’t cash.
  • Clicks, Impressions, Visits and Page Views, Video Views, Followers/Fans/Likes are garbage.
  • HITS = How Idiots Track Success
  • A 1 second delay in page response can result in a 7% drop in a conversation rate.
  • Information is powerful… but it is how we use it that will define us.

Seth Godin

  • I’m not interested in what’s next, I’m interested in what’s now.
  • The art of marketing is to stop being the last step in the cycle and the first step in the process of making stuff that’s worth talking about in the first place.
  • Attention is the asset of the future.
  • Revolutions take the perfect, destroys it, and makes the impossible possible.
  • Our revolution is the revolution of connection.
  • Art is a human being making up their own rules about how to solve a problem in a way that touches someone else.
  • Creativity is serial failures until you find out the answer.
  • Doing things that don’t make sense is what artists do all the time.

Gary Vaynerchuck

  • Engagement is the future of marketing.
  • The Internet is the biggest culture shift we’ve ever lived through.
  • We are all in the same business: the attention business
  • is the single most powerful marketing product in the world today.
  • We are living in a day in age where there is a humanization of logos.
  • When your brand responds your brand becomes human.
  • If content is king; context is God.
  • The amount of content we are producing in every 48 hour window today is equal to all of the content created the beginning of mankind until 2003.
  • Find your audience by creating your own community, not by renting someone else’s platform.
  • The community you build online will spread your gospel and spread your message for you.

Mitch Joel

  • You will never see an opportunity like this again.
  • What will you do with this moment?
  • If you don’t have a direct relationship with you customers, your business will be lost.
  • Create something that’s a utility.
  • We talk about the four screen world: TV, mobile devices, computers, and tablets. The only screen that matters is the screen that is in front of your consumers.
  • A great ad is a great story.
  • We are in the storytelling business.

Randi Zuckerberg

  • A new kind of loyalty is created by celebrating your fans and providing incentives. It’s not just about giving people money, free products or points.
  • Every person is a media company and can reach thousands of people with everything that you say.
  • You used to have to create something in order to be called an expert.
  • Because there is so much noise you can become a curator by filtering the noise for other people by showing them what’s good.
  • We live in an amazing world today and are in an amazing position to do great work.

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    Amazing notes!  Thanks for the shoutout.  Now I feel like I’ve been there.

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