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Tonight @ChrisGuillebeau graced Chicago with his presence for his $1oo Startup Book Tour. A great crowd of non-conformists, entrepreneurs, and world dominators gathered to hear Chris give a quick lecture on some of the ideas shared in his book.

Here’s a few quotables from the night:

  • Begin a project by defining your own success.
  • Don’t let other people define success for you.
  • The best freedom and security comes from creative self-employment.
  • Sometimes we need moments of forced transition [layoffs, etc] to find what we are truly called to do.
  • Have a sense of urgency about what you are doing.
  • We have never had an opportunity like we have today.
  • We have a responsibility with the opportunity we have been given.
  • Don’t focus so much on innovation… focus on helpfulness.
  • We are on the fringes of micro-enterprise becoming mainstream.
  • What’s the worst thing that can happen from taking a risk?
  • Every experience is a learning opportunity.

I am a huge fan of Chris’s work, especially his book The Art of Non-Conformity. It was inspiring and encouraging to hear stories of people who have made a living doing what they love and to connect with other local non-conformists. The $100 Startup Tour is continuing worldwide… [Australia, he’s coming your way!] so make sure you check it and the book out!

Thanks for a great night, Chris!


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  • Rohn Gibson

    One of the best books I’ve ever read, I highly recommend it as well.

  • Jacqueline Gardner

    This sounds fascinating! Next book on my kindle list.

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