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It’s been a crazy couple of weeks to say the least! I’ve been off social media and have been taking time to pray, reflect, and prepare for what’s next for me. I wanted to share some updates and let you know where I’m headed and what’s next…

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Be A Person Not A Personality :: Lessons Learned During Lent

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My morning routine [after YouVersion of course]: ¬†Email. Twitter. Facebook. Instagram. Path. Pins on Pinterest. Blogging. Check the Klout score because we all DO secretly care about it. On occasion, LinkedIn. And that’s all before everything else I do, including living a real life and [currently] looking for a new job. A socially-connected life can be a bit overwhelming at times. For Lent, I didn’t give up social media, but I gave myself permission to be a person and I learned a lot.

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